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As manufacturer, we have established ourselves as a competent partner for the industry, trade and entrepreneurs through high-quality recycling products.

Responsible use of resources and raw materials has been one of our core competences for decades. Foam waste from the foam industry and used tires are valuable sources of raw materials. Developing suitable solutions and applications form these is our passion. Find out more about ecological sustainability here.

Moreover, our product icons help you to find quickly and comfortably the needed information. You find our product data and information sheets in the download area as well as under the corresponding commodity group.

In Switzerland, we are the only composite rubber and foam solution manufacturer on a recycling base. We therefore proudly hold the Swiss Crossbow label:

Herzliche Gratulation!

We congratulate our employee and head of production, Giuseppe Oliveto, on successfully passing the modules “Leading a team / group”, “Conflict management” and “Self-management” SALT (Swiss Association for Leadership Training) and wish him continued success and joy in carrying out his work.


We congratulate our Trainee Nick Haberthür who passed his exam as Commercial Employee with Federal Dipolma EFZ. We warmly welcome him to our office team and wish him continued success and enjoyment in his work in the future as well.


Athletissima Lausanne 2023

We did it again! Togheter with our partner CONICA (top covering) we were not only part of the mobile running track and high jump zone with our elastic underlay mat SPORT at the Athletissma 2023 in downtown Lausanne, but also the 2 meter mark was broke.

Sport-Clip - Olyslagers knackt die 2,02-Meter-Marke - Play SRF

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